An Introduction to the United States' top universities

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Stanford University 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology

Harvard University 

Princeton University


(Palo Alto, California)


Application due date:  Dec 5 2018

Intake -    Fall  :  28/10/19 – 3/4/19           Summer  :  18/9/18  - 13/3/19

Majors - Technology, Biology, Biochemistry, law, public policy, physics, computer science – project based learning,, anthropology, Community health & prevention research, bioengineering, biomedical computation.

Top 3 majors:  Computer Science & Information Science & support services, multidisciplinary studies, Biological & biomedical computation.



For Autumn Quarter 2018-19

Sept 19 – English Placement exam for international students

Sept 10 – 24  - Orientation program for international students

Sept 24  -1st day of day classes

Requirements - High school English, Maths, History/Social studies, Science n foreign Language.

SAT & ACT accepted, score  1390 -1540 & 32 to 35, 25th to 75th percentile

Tuition fees for 4 years US$53k, Room, books etc. US$26k. Total US$ 79k.


Student population: 15 000 students, 22% international.

Applying for financial aid (for books, clothing, phone bills, medical expenses)

Early new students        by 15 Nov        Award on 15 dec

Regular students            by 15 Feb                  Award on 1st April

Transfer students           by 15 Mar            Award on 15th May

Continuing students       by 30 Apr             Award on 30 August


Scholarships $5K a year

Loans – low interest rates, repay between 10 to 25 years.


Graduate employment – 2017, for law major, 187 employed out of 197.

Safety in the campus –  45 sexual offenses reported to university officials in 2016, 5 weapons arrests in 2015, 57 in 2015, 35 stolen vehicles mostly golf carts.

2017 – 6 hate crimes, 3 vandalism related to religion and national origin, 1 to race, 1 battery to race, 1 threat to sexual orientation.


Population in Palo Alto:  67 178 (2017)

Climate: February to May  - 6 degrees to 23 degrees


Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts.



Faculties :engineering, computer science

SAT 1570, 4.16 GPA n any accomplishments n extra curriculum.


Fees for 4 years $50K, $17K room, books,etc.

Student population: 11 000 students, 33% international.

Majors: Science & engineering, arts, architecture, humanities, social science & management, interdisciplinary programs, pioneer digital education, MITX offer flexible access for learners of all ages.


Application due date: Nov 1 – 30

2020 application available online in August


Graduate employment rate 89% within 3 months

2017 survey- 53.5 % work full time, 37.4% graduate /Professional school

Mean salary $88K, Master Engineering $109K, MBA $129K

Internships led to job offer 34%

Career fair 26%

On campus reccruitng25%

​Networking                       21%


Top 3 employer :Google, Microsoft & General Motors

Top 3 employers of Master’s:Amazon, McKinsey& co,US Navy.


Industry June 2017

Computer software 22%​

Consulting 14%

Aerospace 8.6%

Financial services 8.6%

Engineering 7.6%​

Industry, consumer manufacturing 6.6%​

Pharmaceuticals 4%

Automotive & transportation4.3%​

Education 2.3%


Crime rate 73% lower than National average. For every 100 000 people, 2 daily crimes in MIT. MIT safer than 98% of cities in Massachusetts.

Violence against women 12%, disciplinary action 40.5%, arrests for major crimes 45.6%, arrests for possessions 1.9%.


California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Los Angeles (LA)




Faculties : Natural Science, engineering, energy, computer & information Science & support services, Physical Science, Maths & Statistics, Biological & Biomedical sciences.​


Fees: US$46k 


International students:24 %

Students : staff 14%

2016 - 979 undergraduates & 1261 post graduates.​

SAT 1530 = below average1590 = above averagePerfect score 1600


Application deadlines Nov 1, Jan 3, May 1.


Graduate employment- 60% of 2017 class work recruited by wide variety of organisations on campus.


Average starting salary:$ 105 500


Safety n crime rate based on reported incidents.

57.7 % arrests for major crimes

19.2 % violence against women

23.1 % disciplinary action



(Cambridge, Massachusetts)


Most popular majors Social Sciences, General; Biology, Maths, History & Physical Sciences.


Fees for 4 years $46K, $67K incl room.

GPA 4.04


Application – Nov 1 to Jan 1


Admission committee considers strong personal qualities, all kinds of talents n perspectives formed by unusual personal circumstances and ability to use resources and opportunities.


Graduate employment rate is 98%.


Financial aid – term time and summer employment


Academics -advising on choices that reflect students’ goals

  • General education where every student completes

  • Research opportunities from leading a study to performing lab work with a faculty mentor. Include summer and term time opportunities.



In applying for scholarship and grants 100% of need, they factor in student employment


Princeton University 

(Princeton, New Jersey)


Majors: Humanities, Natural science, Social Science, Engineering & Applied Science.


Tuition fees $47K, average National $28K, average New Jersey $21K.


Fellowship, stipends/salaries, debt free studies.


5300 undergraduates , 2700 graduates & 1100 faculty members.


Students who qualify for financial aid will receive a grant rather than a loan that has to be repaid and a term time job (8-9 hours per week) to meet their need.


Princeton does not offer academic or athletic merit scholarships.

Financial aid awards cover the difference between Princeton’s costs and the amount your parents contribute.


Graded written paper must be submitted in English for ‘O’ or ‘A’ level coursework.


TOEFL, IELTS (Academic) in addition to SAT must be submitted. Results of 2 different SAT subjects are recommended but not required.