An Introduction to UK's top universities

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But before that, a short note: International and domestic league tables may have vastly different results due to the focus on research output, citations and bias to large schools for international rankings while domestic rankings prize entry requirements, student satisfaction, career prospects, student staff ratio.


Additional note: UK schools require special exams for law and medicine, differs with each school so that should be taken into consideration.

University of Cambridge

University of Oxford

Imperial College London

University of Cambridge

Overall Rankings

  • 6th by QS

  • 2nd by Times

  • 1st in UK by The Guardian

Subject Rankings by QS

  • 2nd in anthropology

  • 3rd in Chemistry

  • 5th in Civil Engineering

  • 2nd in English Language and Literature

  • 4th in Natural Sciences

  • 3rd in Mechanical Engineering

  • 3rd in Chemical Engineering

  • 3rd in Law

  • 4th in Psychology

  • 5th in Computer Science and Information Systems

  • 3rd in Medicine

  • 10th in Economics

  • 8th in Accounting

  • 5th in Statistics



  • Located in Cambridge

  • Oceanic climate

  • Very low crime rate

  • Cost of living

    • In 2019-20, the minimum resources needed in Cambridge for the year (excluding tuition and College fees) are estimated to be approximately £10,9503, depending on lifestyle (you should allow for increases in future years).



  • Tuition fees


  • Scholarships

    • Deadline is 20th September

    • Amy Li Cambridge Scholarship

      • This scholarship is available to applicants for undergraduate degrees (BA) in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or Chemical Engineering. Application: No separate application is required for this scholarship. Value: £16,000 per year

    • Cambridge Trust Scholarship (undergraduate)

      • Application: There is no separate application required for this scholarship. Value: Contribution towards University tuition fee Funding partners: Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust



  • 19k students, 7k international

  • 5.6k staff


Career Prospects

  • 7th in graduate employability by QS

  • 88% of graduates who have found graduate level jobs, or are in further study at professional or HE level, 6 months from graduation


Application Information

  • Entry requirements

    • The typical conditional A Level offer will be A*AA or A*A*A, depending on the course. In countries where an A* grade at A Level is not available, three A grades would be acceptable.

    • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB)

      • Typical offers usually require scores between 40 and 42 points out of 45, with 776 in Higher Level subjects. Applicants may be required to achieve 7 in a particular subject(s), depending on individual circumstances.

    • The Gaokao scores of successful applicants will vary from province to province and year to year. As a guideline, successful applicants will usually have scores in the top 0.1% of those taking the Gaokao in their province. In addition to the total score, Cambridge Colleges will pay close attention to individual subject scores and scores in the Senior High School Examinations (Xueye Shuiping Kaoshi; previously the Huikao).

    • Applicants studying for the Gaokao are encouraged to undertake additional study outside of their school qualifications. This might include, for example, relevant science Olympiads or College Board SAT I or II; or Advanced Placement Tests. Gaokao offers are made on an individual basis, and we recommend that you contact the College to which you wish to apply for further advice and guidance.

  • English requirements

    • IELTS Academic1 – normally a minimum overall grade of 7.5, usually with 7.0 or above in each element, achieved in one sitting

    • TOEFL Internet Based Test (IBT)2 – normally a minimum overall score of 110, with 25 or above in each element

  • Application period

    • Need to submit Cambridge Online Preliminary Application, then the UCAS

cambridge 1.png
cambridge 2.png

University of Oxford


Overall Rankings

  • 5th in QS Global

  • 1st by Times

  • 2nd in UK by The Guardian


Subject Rankings

  • 1st in Arts and Humanities

  • 1st in English Language and Literature

  • 2nd in Law

  • 2nd in Medicine

  • 4th in Accounting and Finance

  • 5th in Natural Sciences

  • 3rd in Psychology

  • 9th in Economics

  • 6th in Computer Science and Information Systems

  • 7th in Statistics



  • In Oxford

  • Maritime temperate climate, not a broad temperature range

  • Low crime rate

  • Estimated cost of living




  • Tuition fees

    • £27-35k

  • College fees

    • £7570

  • Scholarships


  • 20.6k students, 8k international

  • 6.6k staff


Career Prospects

  • 10th in Graduate employability ranking QS

  • 85% in a graduate level job/ further study at professional or HE level 6 months after graduation


Application Information

  • Entry requirements

    • AAA and A*A*A at A-level or an equivalent level qualification

    • International Baccalaureate: A total score of 38, 39 or 40 points (depending on the course) including core points, with 6s and 7s in subjects taken at the Higher level.

    • GaoKao is not sufficient, applicants would need to take other qualifications

    • either SATs or the ACT and either APs (Advanced Placement tests) or SAT subject tests (or a combination of APs and SAT subject tests, or other equivalent qualifications, if they are in different subjects).

      • Scores needed: SATs: students sitting this qualification will need to achieve a total score of 1,470 (out of 1,600). We do not require the optional essay in the SAT. Any candidates with a test date prior to, or including, January 2016 will be expected to have achieved the SAT Reasoning Test with at least 1,400 in Critical Reading and Mathematics and also 700 or more in Writing, giving a combined score of at least 2,100 (out of 2,400).

      • ACT: students taking this qualification will need at least a score of 32 out of 36. We do not require the optional essay in the ACT.

      •  APs (Advanced Placement tests): grade 5 in three or more appropriate subjects.

      • SAT Subject Tests: 700 or more in three appropriate subjects.

    • English

  • Application period

    • Apply via ucas by 15 October

oxford 1.png
oxford 2.png

Imperial College London


Overall Rankings

  • 8th by QS Global

  • 7th in UK by The Guardian


Subject Rankings

  • 6th in Civil engineering

  • 7th in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • 9th in Chemical engineering

  • 10th in Mechanical engineering

  • 10th in Natural Sciences

  • 11th in Mathematics

  • 15th in Computer Science and Information Systems



  • in London

  • temperate oceanic climate, plenty of rain, not a wide temperature range

  • moderate crime rate

  • cost of living



  • Tuition fees

    • 30-31k, medicine 41k

  • Scholarships

    • Small scholarships of up to 5000 available for different courses

    • Competitive ones like president’s scholarship



  • 16.8 students, 9.4 international

  • 3.9 faculty members


Career Prospects

  • 33rd on graduate employability chart QS

  • 90% of graduates getting a graduate level job or further study in professional or HE level 6 months after graduation


Application Information

  • English requirements

  • Entry requirements

    • Depends for courses, usually IB is at 39

    • A levels is more than AAA

  • Application via UCAS, medicine before 15 october, regular courses before 15 jan

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imperial 2.png
imperial 3.png