PSLE Science Intensive Course

It is said that preparing early is always better, hence to help students prepare for the first big exam in their lives that will determine their secondary school-the PSLE, Leo Education and Technology has decided to open a PSLE Science Intensive Course. And of course, the purpose is to provide much needed conclusions for students about the entire science syllabus, such that they will have much clearer sense of direction on how to move towards the final goal of the PSLE.

Our specialities:

  1. Unique strategies- this will be refreshing to students and more easily accepted, hence effectively helping them

  2. Identify overlapping or repetitive content- this saves time for our students during the critical final revision period

  3. Understanding of experiment based question- the integration of hands-on activites in our approach helps them grasp theories easily, hence they will be able to have a deeper understanding of these questions

The programme runs from June 10-14, a total of 5 days, with 4 hours each day from 10am-12pm, 12.30pm-2.30pm, with an early bird promotion from now till 1st of May, at $725, $100 off of the original price at $825.

psle intensive science.png