Programming Course

Why going for an offline coding course? Yes, it’s important!

Recently, more and more people are showing increased interest in learning how to code, including young children.

It’s not just those who want a coding career either — we’re seeing inventors, creatives, entrepreneurs, people from literally all walks of life, who see coding as an alternative option that will allow them to achieve their dreams.

With that being said, while most people now know they want to learn coding, many of them aren’t quite sure where to start.

Online courses? Self-study? A computer science course? Books?

Attending a physical class on a regular basis is the best way pick up programming for young children among all options. Here are the reasons:

1. Children learn better than they would on their own.

While there are many resources (online and offline) for people to study coding on their own, it can be challenging due to the sheer amount of information available. When kids are studying on their own, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, demotivated and confused. And if they’re ever stuck or unable to understand a concept, it can be tough to figure things out by themselves.


The programming course provided by Leo Education and Kodecoon has a very experienced teaching team led by Himmy Cheng, who received his BSc, Information Systems, degree from Singapore Management University. He enjoys teaching Mathematics and Programming, as he has devoted his time into education since 2012. He engages in private academic coaching and holiday camps, which inspire real world skills and application for students, both Primary and Secondary level. Together with the teaching team, he embraces the art of problem-solving.


2. It’s better for motivation.

Coding isn’t easy. Like any subject, it usually starts off easy and then starts getting more complex as students delve deeper, and that’s when students start to get discouraged and give up. For many coders, especially kids, it’s important to have a good support network made up of like-minded people who share their interests and passion for what they’re learning and doing.

In a class room setting, with teachers providing guidance, our students learn faster and score better as compared to when they learn on their own.

3. It’s great for learning how to work on a team.

No piece of software is coded by just one person. Coding is often a team effort. And even if coders don’t plan on working in the tech industry, they’ll still probably end up working with a team of people. The programming course provided by Leo Education and Kodecoon are the best platform for your child to learn team work in the cyberspace.


4. The learning will be fast and high-impact.

Most coding course run for about 10-12 weeks on average. Compared to online courses and computer science courses in universities which may take longer to complete, a short-term coding course will prick on students’ interest and maximise their learning.


In the coding programme, our students will learn the concept in web development following a carefully design syllabus to ensure that the learning experience is maximised. The learning process will be fun and fast!


If you are looking for a coding programme for your child, consult Leo Education to find out the perfect course for your child to learn the essential skills of the 21th century!