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Retrospections on my experience in the Singapore schooling system

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Author: Watermelon

Hey parents/students/anyone who happens to see this, welcome! So glad that you could join my little series here. Just here to share what I did, what I didn’t, and maybe what I should’ve done throughout my time in the pre-tertiary part of Singaporean education. Hopefully this benefits you in one way or another. I do recognize that what I experienced is common to few, but I do hope this provides a little insight and perhaps can help you make your own decisions.

A little bit of background: I was from a ‘neighborhood’ primary school, got transferred to a GEP school in Primary 4, DSAed, went through IP, barely survived through A Levels, and now I’m stuck in this half-year long period of anticipating my future. So I decided, since I’m already writing twenty million essays for university applications, I might as well start a little commentary series about myself and put all those reflective thoughts into writing.

As short as my life is, I somehow managed to break it up into 4 parts and I’ll be talking about my journey, advice for kids who might be going through these same processes, and my suggestions on how parents should assist their children.

Part 1: Early education

Part 2: Opining on the GEP

Part 3: PSLE

Part 4: IP and my flops

Part 5: Jam packed JC life and its culmination in the ‘A’s


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