SA1 Science Exam Coaching 

Time flies, and SA1 Exams are just around the corner! Certainly, both parents and students must be feeling anxious in facing the first big hurdle of the year. Combined with the current adoption of reduced stress in the classroom and relaxed teaching, students may be even more poorly equipped for exams, especially for subjects like science where students have a harder time grasping how to answer.


So what can parents do?


Come and join Leo Education and Technology’s SA1 Science Exam Coaching class on the 1st of May!


Our teachers will be emphasising on exam techniques. For example, we will focus on answering questions with precision, such that your child can make swift improvement based on existing foundational knowledge, and perform better in the examinations. Additionally, our intensive class will be held in small groups, hence our teachers will be able to address all the students’ concerns, alleviating their fear of exams.


Our programme will be held 1 May 9am-1pm, just in time for the exams so that techniques remain fresh.


Since we are focusing on P3-P5 students, we have different programmes for them, so prices will differ accordingly. For students who are already in SMART SCIENCE LAB, they will enjoy a $60 discount. For public students, the prices are:

P3: $260

P4: $280

P5: $300


Enquiries can be made at 69043469(Tel) or 91165752(Leo HP)!

may sa1 exam prep.png