Chinese Tuition for All Levels

Leo Education offers a wide range of Mandarin Chinese Tuition available from kindergarten to Secondary levels, as well as special needs and HSK tuition. 

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Our center provides a comfortable learning environment, highly experienced and responsible teachers, flexible teaching methods, mode of teaching that is tailored to every students’ needs, thus allowing students to grasp learning points quickly.


Following the school syllabus as well as test schedules, we will make our own plan, and modify based on every child’s qualities in order to inspire them. Class size is small and atmosphere will be light, and students will be many opportunities to practice conversational use of Chinese.


We will focus on developing interest in Chinese, healthy study habits, emphasise on answering techniques, as well as train their memory for effective improvement in grades.

K1-K2: Key elements are identifying words, teaching children’s folk songs, moving forward to primary syllabus to ready students for primary school.

P1-P4: Multi-pronged approach in targeting listening, reading, speaking, writing to improve both confidence and results.

P5-P6: Further enforcing skills in comprehension and essay writing to boost grades in critical exams.


S1-S3: Underscore understanding and expression to refine oral skills and writing of argumentative essays for excellent results.

S4: Teaching centred around the O Level syllabus and to achieve good O Level results.


HSK Courses:

This is for students who speak it as a second language, with progressive classes to eventually allow students to receive certification.


Special programs:

Targeted towards students with special needs, such as dyslexia. We will open effective lessons to help these students learn. Teacher Julia Chua is a recognised educator in this field.

Recently, we have collaborated with Pengpai Chinese to provide a unique program for Primary School students. Students can mix and match different lessons to target their weaknesses. 

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