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Leo Education & Technology provides holistic academic and life skills programmes that unleash the potential of every student.

At Leo Education Center, we believe that a comprehensive approach that extend beyond the normal education will help our students to achieve success.

About Us

Leo Education & Technology is a leading provider of tuition and enrichment courses based in Singapore and China, with a wide curriculum coverage ranging from both Singapore local and international curriculum, to the ever popular STEAM and hands-on robotics courses. Presently at the forefront of the industry for delivering inspiring, quality and life-transforming learning programmes, workshops, courses and educational tours to youth and adults, Leo education embarks on a journey of guiding every child to leash his or her potential with our highly-qualified teaching team that comprises talents from all over the world!


Our Teachers

We have a leading teaching team that comprises ex-MOE teachers, Phd degree holders and those who are with more than 20 years of experience. Our international teaching team also make sure our students get the top-notch quality education from us.