​A Level Physics June Holiday Program

JC Physics students gather up, we have an important announcement! Since the A Levels are coming into proximity, what should we do if we’re still unsure about physics concepts? Worry not, because Leo Education and Technology is now opening a holiday programme that can ease your anxiety. Our highly experienced teacher Mr Chew will teach students how to overcome A Level physics. Mr Chew is rich in teaching experience, with 25 years of teaching such that he knows local physics syllabus like the back of his hand. Hence, students will be able to benefit from his special conclusions and tips about the A Levels and come out more confident about facing the A Levels.


The workshop is from June 17 to 28, only Mondays-Fridays, from 9.30am-11.30am. We’re having an early bird that ends May 1, now it is only $850, usual price will be $950. Don’t lose this great opportunity!

physics a level june hols.jpg